Cambodia reading: The tough fight against child prostitution in Cambodia

by John Einar Sandvand on March 22, 2009

gatebildeTopics this week:

  • Child prostitution
  • Oil exploration
  • Deportation of refugees from USA to Cambodia.

This is a new feature on Cambodia Tales: Every week or so I will try to pick 3 articles which I have found to be particularly interesting and worth reading.

Three articles from this week’s reading:

The tough fight against child prostitution

Stephanie Gee, Ka-set

Child prostitution may not be as visible in Cambodia as it was a few years back. Yet it remains a major problem. This article describes how it takes place and the huge challenges in fighting the trafficking of children.  Fortunately there are some positive signs.

For more on the same subject, read Phnom Penh Post’s article “Child rape rising as prosecutions wane”

Cambodia showing signs of “oil curse”

Geoffrey Cain, World Politics Review

Up to 1,7 billion dollars a year in oil money is set to flow into Cambodia when oil production is set to start in 2012. This is about the same amount as the current national budget. Yet this wealth may in fact become a “resource curse” in a country with as much corruption as Cambodia.

Geoffrey Cain is a writer based in Phnom Penh.  For more on the same subject, you can read one of his articles in The Economist: “Blessing or curse?”.

Global Post provides a similar analysis:  “Cambodia’s coming oil economy”

Cambodia’s home boys

David O’Shea, SBS Dateline

This television documentary tells about 200 young men and women who were deported from the USA to Cambodia after having committed crimes.  Most of them had not been in Cambodia since they were very small children and several did not even understand the language.

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